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Saint Joseph's Day Table

For generations our family has been making St. Joseph’s breads, cookies, and cakes for our neighbors
and their St. Joseph Day celebrations. These symbolic and decorative sesame
coated breads are ubiquitous to all St Joseph tables. The classic shapes that seem
to appear most frequently are the Cane bread, the Cross bread, and the Fish Bread.
No St. Joseph table aspiring to historical tradition is without them. In fact, the two
immutables for this celebration are the absence of any meat and the presence of
these symbolic breads. We have, over our 104-year history, added several shapes
that sprang solely from the creativity of several generations of our bakers. The
Shaft of Wheat bread, for example, is a stunning example of our bakers’ skills and
patience. However, what really makes our St Joseph breads noteworthy is not how
they look but that they are excellent eating breads. Not just for show but intended
to be a real part of the meal celebration.
In addition to our St Joseph’s breads are: four varieties of our savory and sweet
tarallini, sesame bread sticks, Pane Carasau, Pane Guttiau, and fresh-baked
focaccia topped with either tomato, rosemary, or caramelized onion.
We have also sourced several canned and jarred staples of this Sicilian meatless
banquet: Italian anchovies, eggplant caponata, Pasta con Sarde sauce, sundried
tomatoes, Marinara sauce, pesto sauce, artichoke sauce, tomato sauce, Arrabbiata
sauce, tomato true sauce, 8 different cuts of imported Italian pasta, tuna in olive
oil, and canned whole tomatoes. Our 7g ball, panforte and creamed honey are great
additions to your cheese board. Our biscotti menu, which includes nearly all the
classic Italian cookies, highlights for this celebration our Bucellati Cuccidati, the
quintessential Sicilian 7g cookie.

St. Joseph's Day

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