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Biscotti & Italian Cookies

The Di Camillo Bakery is nationally recognized for providing some of the finest Italian biscotti and cookies available. This Di Camillo collection includes some of the most extensive and varied collections of award-winning Biscotti and Italian Cookies. Our Biscotti Di Vino wine cookies were the spark that ignited the explosion in the cookie aisles of America and helped launch the whole new Biscotti sensation. Introduced in 1979 to the gourmet stores of New York City they set in motion what The New York Times later christened ÔÇťThe Biscotti Decade.ÔÇŁ

In addition to this iconic wine biscotti we have many of the classics on the gourmet Italian cookie and biscotti menu. Our Biscotti Di Prato, the almond-studded, twice-baked biscotti which has come to define the American concept of biscotti, was rated #1 in the definitive New York Times nationwide taste test. This classic is completely authentic and made without any added fat.

Our menu includes other gourmet Italian cookies classics such as: Biscotti Amaretti (crisp almond paste macaroons), Crumiri (Krumiri) corn meal butter cookies-- sometimes referred to as polenta cookies, Biscotti Regina (sesame seed coated cookies), Cucidati Bucellati (Sicilian fig-filled cookies), Pizzelle (pressed-waffle cookies), and Coconut Macaroons.

Nor does our menu of Italian biscotti and cookies stop with just the classics: we have added double-chocolate Biscotti di Prato, made with the classic formula but with cocoa and chocolate chips added. Also popular are our chocolate-dipped Biscotti Di Prato and Chocolate-Enrobed Biscotti Di Prato. Further, our menu includes our Cherry Almond Butter Biscotti and our Lemon Butter Biscotti. Our Pasticcini di Burro is a shortbread-like butter cookie with walnuts, and our Gocce di Cioccolato has chocolate chips added to this butter walnut cookie. In addition, we have a large Butter Almond Biscotti as well as a chocolate-decorated version.

Biscotti & Italian Cookies

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