Family of Bakers

Biscotti and Me

There is always a moment, or a product that sets loose an entirely new trend in the marketplace. Invariably, it is on the shoulders of what came before, but there is that moment when something explodes on the scene with all the newness of new life. (continue reading)

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The Library as a Factory

One of my favorite books of 2015 was Alex Johnson’s "Improbable Libraries:  A Visual Journey to the World’s Most Unusual Libraries." This gem includes an entire chapter on libraries brought to you, literally, by animals, including a book-delivering camel. (continue reading)

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The Father's of Di Camillo Bakery

First row:  Frank & Tom DiCamillo 1942, Tom & Betty DiCamillo 1935, Second row:  David & Frank Di Camillo 1943, Nick DiCamillo with Judy & Jimmy 1945, Third row: DiCamillo brothers & Father 1998

Father's Day in Italy is celebrated on St Joseph's Day, March 18, not on June 16 as we do here in the U.S. I always enjoy how traditions and holidays in Italy have so many layers of meaning and often some theological aspect as well.

Though my grandparents were one in everything they did, it was without question, my grandfather’s vision that drove them to start our bakery. Family lore has always held that facing the reality of 11 children he is remembered saying "we will always have something to eat and a place to work".

Coming soon...the story continues with "The History of Di Camillo Scaletta Curly Bread."

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Colomba Cake Adventure

My three brothers and I have been fascinated with Italian Christmas Panettone and Easter Colombo cakes for nearly twenty years.  Since our family bakery started life in 1920 as a "panifico" or bread bakery, I guess it isn't all that surprising that these cake-like breads have dazzled us. 

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