Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a time to acknowledge the people we love and is not just reserved for romantic love alone, but love in all the countless permutations that we experience.

We have fashioned a collection of unique Valentine-gifts-of-love that reflect these special feelings, but in an uncommon way. Whimsy is the essence of our “House of Love”.  This shortbread Valentine decorated-house is a perfect gift for a partner or child who makes possible your shared “House of Love”-- or for a parent who nurtured you in a house of Love. Our Valentine’s candy and cookie assortments are intended for your most sophisticated and discerning love.

Our chocolate-covered almond stuffed figs communicate love better than the usual two-pound box of chocolates.

Our ribbon-tied heart-box collections immediately announce that your feelings are far above the ordinary. These heart-boxes contain a varied assortment of the finest pan-candies from Italy as well as well as our chocolate-covered all butter shortbread cutout valentine heart. Explore our collection and say: “I LOVE YOU!”  in a very special way.