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The Di Camillo family loved Easter and our Easter Collection shows it by including
the classics of the Italian Easter celebration with our selection of gifts, cakes, and cookies for sale.
The Colomba cake is the quintessential Italian Easter Cake. "No traditional/Italian
Easter meal would be without one." This fragrant, fruit-studded, dove-shaped cake
('Colomba' means dove in Italian) is an Italian rite of Spring. They are made in our
own bakery and require days not hours to make. It is a symbolic and delicious cake-
like bread.
Extravagantly wrapped, large, rich, milk chocolate Easter eggs are another
essential element in the long-standing traditions for Italian Easter gifts celebrations.
Beautiful to behold, these large, rich, chocolate Easter eggs are delicious fun as
Eggs and egg shapes are central to Easter, symbolizing rebirth and new life. We
have incorporated this symbolism into our Uovo di Pasqua Shortbread Cookie tray.
Each egg-shaped shortbread cookie is completely enveloped in creamy milk
chocolate. A perfect Italian Easter gift for the young and the young at heart.
Our coconut macaroons are one of our most celebrated cookies and a SOFI award
5nalist. For this Easter we have taken our coconut macaroons and totally covered
them in milk chocolate. Coconut and chocolate are a marriage made in heaven.
Our beloved chocolate covered Brownie Petit Fours have been decorated for Easter.
For a chocolate lover these small cakes are so rich in chocolate they will ful5ll
Very close to our family roots is our Mama D Easter Bread. For our family, these
ring-shaped, anise-seed scented breads were ubiquitous for our Easter and an
indispensable part of our Easter banquet.
Our Easter collection goes on and on with cookie assortments in Easter attire,
Chocolate covered almond stuffed figs, biscotti caramel clusters, egg twist breads,
Placek, rum- and bourbon-soaked pound cakes. In addition we have chocolate
salted caramels, almond to8ee and chocolate covered nut assortments - all in
convenient gift sizes.
Welcome to our Easter Banquet. Get a plate and sit down!


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