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Angel Food Cake and (2) Peaches Niagara

Our delicious made-from-scratch - light-as-a-feather, low-in-calories - Angel Food Cake with purchase of two (2) Niagara County grown peaches.

Angel Food Cake:  Net Wt. - 14 oz. 

Dimensions:  D 8" x H 3" 

Servings:  8

Peaches Niagara:  Net Wt. - 2 lbs. 12 oz. 

Servings:  12

Traditional Biscotti di Prato

Rate #1 in The New York Times biscotti tasting

From the ancient city of Prato in Tuscany comes this recipe. These are the biscotti that have defined the term for most Americans, and with which most are familiar. Our Biscotti di Prato are true to the Tuscan original in size and, significantly, made without butter or shortening of any kind.  This omission of added fat is a hallmark of these biscotti. They begin as long (two-feet long by three-inch wide) almond-studded loaves and are then sliced and baked again. Emerging from the oven, after this second baking, as crisp finger-cookies embedded with almonds. They are simply one of the most sophisticated biscotti of all, celebrated for their extremely crisp texture and elegant clean taste.

Servings 1

Chocolate Dipped Traditional Biscotti di Prato

Our classic Biscotti di Prato are both floated and decorated in pure dark chocolate (64% cocoa). This American innovation of a chocolate bath brings this biscotti to new heights and has a uniquely balanced taste.

Servings 1

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