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These boxes offer the greatest protection to our most celebrated biscotti and cookies. Ribboned sealed, they make an attractive gift.

Buccellati Cuccidati

These cookies trace their origins to Sicilian bakers and their rich blending of European and Arab baking traditions. There are countless interpretations of this cookie but it is the fig-filling that is its most important component: a blend of fig, orange, spices which perfectly displays the genius of the Sicilian baking tradition. This rich fig-jam is rolled into a tender cookie shell and cut into tubes.

Traditionally, they were formed in a curved bracelet-shape, the source for part of the name "Buccellati", which means “small bracelet”. It is Cuccidati, however, that is the name most widely used by Sicilian Americans. They are an indispensable, nostalgic cookie for generations of Sicilian Americans.

Our Buccellati Cuccidati have kept alive this tradition. Made entirely by hand, these fruit filled cookies are complex and delicious.

Triple Chocolate Biscotti di Prato

These deeply chocolate almond-studded biscotti combine our crisp, lean (no added fats) chocolate Biscotti Di Prato enveloped in pure dark chocolate (64% cocoa). The result is a near-ideal balance of chocolate-to-biscotti. They were a SOFI Award nominee.

Biscotti Amaretti

Perhaps the most famous of all Italian biscotti and a perfect example of how broad the term "biscotti" really is. These light-as-a-feather, single-baked, intensely-almond macaroons are crisp, airy, gluten-free and perfect with creams, custards, gelato, ice cream or fresh fruit. Save the crumbs!: they are regarded as highly as the cookies themselves and make an excellent dessert topping. There is even a famous tortellini recipe that includes amaretti crumbs in the filling.

Romantic legends abound regarding Amaretti origins, but none prepare you for the elegant simplicity of this baked confection. Almost miraculously, they are made using only three ingredients: almonds, sugar, and egg-whites. They remain a timeless milestone in the canon of the Italian baker.

Gluten Free

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