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Product Description

Chocolate Biscotti Fruit Canister: This double-chocolate version of our classic almond Biscotti Di Prato® has a deeply chocolate taste and crisp, authentic texture. Some have said it is the best chocolate cookie of all! Handsomely packaged in a keepsake canister, a renaissance-inspired fruit illustration rests comfortably on a contemporary field of robin's-egg blue.

Amaretti Biscotti Fruit Canister: The most famous of all Italian biscotti, period!  These light-as-a-feather,  single-baked, intensely almond macaroons are crisp, airy, and gluten free. Deep colors abound on this beautifully illustrated metal-capped, fiber-board canister.

Baba Rum: These small baby-brioche cakes are soaked in a rum-alcohol syrup. Infused with rum syrup, these moist, petite cakes are the mother of all liquor cakes. Completely authentic, this centuries-old Neapolitan traditional dessert is expertly-preserved in jars and ready to bring to the table. They are an intoxicatingly delicious dessert--for adults only.

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