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Tins of cookies and biscuits have been a custom for European bakers for hundreds of years. The protective qualities a tin provides to cookies and biscotti is unsurpassed as they offer the greatest moisture barrier and rigid protection. They have, through the centuries, become decorative collectable objects - commemorative reminders of royal reigns, locales, and historical events, and of course told the stories of the bakeries that commissioned them. They served a purpose and have evolved into objects of value in themselves long after the contents have been consumed.

In 1979 we unveiled our first tin collection, and we have, for over 40 years, issued a new commemorative tin every year since. Our tins have been highly collected, are consistently available on eBay, and always show up in antique stores around the world. All our tins have been US made with original designs using art from the Di Camillo family art collection. Our tins include varied collections of our celebrated biscotti, cookies, and chocolate cookie confections, in a variety of sizes and designs. They will remain a lasting memory of this purchase.

Italian Cookie Tins

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