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Chocolate Dipped Traditional Biscotti Di Prato Box
These boxes offer the greatest protection to our most celebrated biscotti and cookies. Ribboned sealed, they make an attractive gift.

Our classic Biscotti di Prato are both floated and decorated in pure dark chocolate (64% cocoa). This American innovation of a chocolate bath brings this biscotti to new heights and has a uniquely balanced taste.

Triple Chocolate Biscotti di Prato
These deeply chocolate almond-studded biscotti combine our crisp, lean (no added fats) chocolate Biscotti Di Prato enveloped in pure dark chocolate (64% cocoa). The result is a near-ideal balance of chocolate-to-biscotti. They were a SOFI Award nominee.Chocolate

Biscotti di Prato
To the classic almond Biscotti di Prato recipe is added a generous amount of dark cocoa and whole chocolate chips. The Biscotti remain pure of any added fat. These deeply chocolate finger-cookies have a remarkably clean chocolate taste.

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