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This complete meal is a perfect dinner for weekday and weekend nights alike.  Delicious and a great value! 


1 x DiCamillo Marinara Sauce 1lb 9ozThis robust sauce is made in small batches and is a rich blend of the finest California tomatoes, olive oil, and fresh garlic. These all-natural ingredients are expertly blended in perfect proportions resulting in a balanced, flavorful tomato sauce. It is made without sugar or corn syrup.

1 x  Fusilli Pasta - 1lb As with all our pasta, it is imported from the Abruzzo region of Italy. Fusilli pasta is created from All-Durham wheat and fashioned on brass dies (this gives it a “rougher” surface-texture for better sauce adhesion).

1 x Small Scaletta Bread, unsliced - 14oz - Everyday, for nearly 100 years, our hand-made Scaletta breads have filled our ovens. They are the cornerstone of our bakery. 

1 x Traditional Biscotti di Prato - 4.6oz - From the ancient city of Prato in Tuscany comes this recipe. These are the biscotti that have defined the term for most Americans, and with which most are familiar. Our Biscotti di Prato are true to the Tuscan original in size and, significantly, made without butter or shortening of any kind.  This omission of added fat is a hallmark of these biscotti. They begin as long (two-feet long by three-inch wide) almond-studded loaves and are then sliced and baked again. Emerging from the oven, after this second baking, as crisp finger-cookies embedded with almonds. They are simply one of the most sophisticated biscotti of all, celebrated for their extremely crisp texture and elegant clean taste.



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