The Specialty Food Association has announced the winners for this year’s SOFI awards (The “Academy Awards” of the specialty food world)! The Di Camillo family would like to congratulate all of the winners. http://videos.specialtyfood.com/ Unfortunately, we ourselves did not win anything this year, but we certainly have had our share of awards in previous years and they are always a great honor and a wonderful acknowledgment of all the hard work and countless hours and courage that go into creating a winner in this truly
international arena.

It is, of course, wonderful to have created a product that is a runaway best-seller, but the satisfaction that comes from the acknowledgment by one’s peers and experts in the field is satisfying in ways that sales alone can’t quite match. You can’t put a SOFI award in the bank, of course: it won’t pay the bills, and it is not even a guarantee that this product will generate a volume of sales (though it never hurts!), but it does tell you, for the rest of your life, that you
attained a level of excellence in a world marketplace.

So we have taken stock of the many awards from past years that have been bestowed by the Specialty Food Association and decided that a list of them should be shared and preserved as they are important milestones in our family’s business. The list follows below—with our thanks.

The Specialty Food Association Product Awards Competitions / SOFI ™ Awards:

2016 Hall of Fame Awards: Michael Di Camillo for Di Camillo Bakery.
2011 Finalist – Outstanding Dessert or Dessert Topping for Baba Rum
2008 Finalist – Outstanding Cookie for Soft Coconut Macaroons
2007 Finalist – Outstanding Confection for Pistachio Almond Torrone
2007 Winner – Outstanding Cracker for Biscotti DiCamillo / Crisp Bread
2006 Finalist – Outstanding Jam, Preserve, Spread, or Sweet Topping for DiCamillo Peaches Niagara
2001: Finalist: Outstanding Food Gift Pack
1996: Finalists in the following categories:
– Outstanding Classic for Biscotti di Vino
– Outstanding Cookie or Cracker for Biscotti di Prato
– Outstanding Product Line
1994: Finalist – Outstanding Product Line for Product Line
1992: Finalist – Outstanding Product Line
1991: Winner – Outstanding Food Gift Pack for The Baroque Tin/ Gift tin
1991: Finalist – Outstanding Product Line
1984: Winner – Outstanding Packaging for Last of the Wine/ Gift tin
1983: Winner – Outstanding Esthetic Award for Focaccia Canister

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  • Michael DiCamillo
Comments 2
  • Barbara DiCamillo
    Barbara DiCamillo

    Wow, so impressive! I want to try all of them!

  • Barbara DiCamillo
    Barbara DiCamillo

    Wow, so impressive! I want to try all of them!

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