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2019 Italian Candy

Our Italian Candy assortment includes the crown-jewels of the Italian confectioner.  We have specialized in the candies from the Abruzzo region which are famous all over Italy for their torrone and confetti candies. 
The Soft Torrone from the ancient city L’Aquila, is considered by many to be the finest in all of Italy. This ancient confection is a pastry chefs’ idea of candy. Noble, simple ingredients are skillfully blended in this classic candy. The finest almonds and Sicilian Bronte pistachio nuts are immersed in a nougat soufflé of fresh honey, sugar, and white chocolate. This soft almond, pistachio nugget then rests sandwiched between two layers of wafer. Our Soft torrone Bianca was a finalist for the SOFI™ awards from the Specialty Food Association. When cut into bite-sized pieces they are indispensable at any traditional Italian Christmas celebration.
Our Soft Chocolate Torrone, which is credited to confectioners of the Abruzzo region, is studded with hazelnuts from Piedmont region; which are celebrated for their rich hazelnut taste.
Our Confetti and pan candies are from the beautiful walled city of Sulmona, in the heart of the Abruzzo region and are famous all over the world as being among the finest sugared almonds.  In confectioners’ terms they are classified as “pan-candy”, which is a candy process where a candy shell is applied in a revolving pan to coat: almonds, hazelnuts and a variety of centers including, jellies and chocolate.
Our collection includes the famous Confetti Sulmona or sugared almonds which are sweet-smelling with a tender sugar shell. These deeply symbolic candies are always present at Italian weddings, and all the great celebrations, births, graduations, christenings, and holidays. Once you have tasted our Confetti Sulmona you will understand their superiority!
Confetti Dublo
This is a divine confection in perfect balance. Each flat, irregularly-shaped, candy-coated coin is a combination of three layers: first, the delicate crunch of the vanilla candy coating. Next comes a layer of pure white chocolate, and finally, a pure chocolate center. They are simply one of the best chocolate pan-candies ever!  
Praline Almonds
These almonds are first covered in a rich dark European chocolate then coated with a chocolate-covered sugared shell.
Fruttini Fagioli
Italian Jelly Beans
These multi-colored, sugar-coated jelly candies are quite simply the best jellybeans you will ever have. Made with 20% real fruit juice they elevate this candy to new heights.
Chocolate-Covered Hazelnuts
Roman hazelnuts are coated with a rich, dark chocolate and then covered with a thin, sugar-candy coating. These enticing chocolate orbs are a near-perfect chocolate-and-nut confection and make a welcome addition when served with coffee or tea
Ovetto Cappuccino
Dark Chocolate Coffee Eggs
Inside these candy-coated small eggs are a coffee-flavored, dark chocolate core. This is virtually a cappuccino in a candy shell. They are deeply-chocolate with a very pleasing coffee highlight, making them a great alternative to coffee service at the end of a formal meal.
Ovetto Latte
Milk Chocolate Eggs
These small, egg-shaped candies are filled with a creamy milk chocolate hazelnut gianduia, which is a blend of milk chocolate and creamed hazelnuts. Coated to perfection with a thin, vanilla-scented candy shell, these elegant-- and beautiful-- candies are a perfect addition to your coffee service
Semine Dragée
Italian Dark Chocolate Dragée
These rich, Italian, dark-chocolates are sugar-coated chocolate with a vanilla-scented candy shell. They are the most elegant to way to serve chocolate candy. Their crisp, sugar-shell incases a deeply chocolate center and make a perfect addition when served with coffee or tea  
Bon Bon Limoncello
These “bon-bons” are a confection like no other: round, candy-coated orbs, with an inner layer of chocolate and then—incredibly!-- a splash of real limoncello as a center! They are absolutely sublime and more than just a little intoxicating! This is the finish for your grandest meal, your most perfect high tea, or simply for the fun of a perfect confection. Remember put the entire bon bon in your mouth (they are tender to the bite) or you will lose you limoncello filling on your chin!
Bomboniera are small gifts given by hosts to their guests on special occasions: births, graduations, christening, but no traditional Italian wedding would be without them. They usually include sugared almonds, known in Italian as “Confetti”. The sugared almonds are given at Italian weddings and always given in odd numbers as they are indivisible and further symbolize: fertility, longevity, happiness, health, and wealth. Our Bomboniera wedding favors come in satin coccarde ribbon flowers with five petals filled with the finest confetti almonds from Sulmona. Our satin bomboniera flowers can be personalized with the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date and the “five good wishes” printed under the flower.

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