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Product Description
This pure honey-and-apricot product is spreadable, creamy, and mild-flavored with a buttery-apricot like texture. Essentially creamed honey is crystallized honey. It is through a precisely-controlled process of heat, straining, and whipping that its remarkable and practical texture is created. It was first developed in Central New York by Professor Elton Dyce at Cornell University.

Our creamed Apricot honey traces its source honey to: Clove, Goldenrod,Purple Aster, with a generous dose of delicious apricot. All are harvested in Central and Western New York close to the original honey sources that Professor Dyce first used.
A wonderful and healthful spread that can be used on toast, scones, or really any time jam or jelly would be used.
Servings:    21
Net Wt.    16 oz.
Dimensions:   3 1/4" H x 3 3/8" Diameter
Maximum quantity available reached.

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