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Product Description

Focaccia - Starting with our Scaletta bread-dough this bread is proofed in our seasoned pans then liberally sprinkled with oil, herbs, spices, and salt and pepper. Made without cheese or sauce. Its simplicity is what makes it so good. A great addition to any bread basket and a special compliment with salads. We feel this bread is actually at its best at room temperature but certainly can be heated.

No sugar, no preservatives!  Can be frozen for up to six months. 

Salsa - Tomato-based with the additions of roasted vegetables, this sauce is perfect nearly everywhere, but specifically blended as a topping on toasted bread. Just try it on our Scaletta toast and you will have no doubts! Yet this sauce is also a wonderful pasta coating or even a meat or fish-relish.

Artichoke Cream - This delicate cream of artichoke sauce is an excellent seasoning on spaghetti and other pastas. It is also ideal for the preparation of tasty starters on small slices of toasted bread. It is a fine seasoning with white meats. One jar is sufficient for one pound of pasta and is best not reheated: just add from the jar to your freshly-cooked pasta.

Net wt 6.35 oz (180g)

Serving Suggestions

IT IS NOT RECOMMEND TO PRE-HEAT THIS SAUCE. It is already fully cooked. The concentrated yet delicate taste will be altered in pre-heating. It is at its very best when poured directly from the jar-- unheated-- on hot, steaming, strained pasta. Yet, it can also be an ideal bruschetta topping or meat-relish. If you feel you must preheat, a ban marie pan is the safest option. Each jar is sufficient for one pound of pasta. In the Italian style, the pasta is coated in sauce, and not drowning in it.

You can improvise an add fresh sautéed vegetables or sautéed meat—but we recommend to first try it alone!

Net Wt. 6.35 oz.

Maximum quantity available reached.

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